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The Organic Acids Test (OAT) from Mosaic Diagnostics (formerly Great Plains Lab) is urine assessment to help determine possible underlying causes for gut dysbiosis, including constipation. It is a cornerstone test for individuals with Autism-Spectrum Disorders, mental health challenges, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, sleep issues and other health challenges.


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NOTE: This test is not available to residents of New York. Any orders originating from New York will automatically be canceled and samples discarded.

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The Details ...

The OAT (Organic Acids Test) offers additional markers for brain chemistry imbalances (that may contribute to anxiety, depression, behavioral and sleep difficulties) and updated information regarding mitochondrial problems and metabolic imbalances.

The Organic Acids Test is an accurate assessment of what is going on metabolically in the body:

  • Organic acids are chemical compounds excreted in the urine that are products of metabolism.
  • Evaluates for over 75 urinary metabolites that can be useful for discovering underlying causes of chronic illness or linked to various disorders.
  • Treatment based on OAT findings often leads to improved energy, sleep and mental health conditions, as well as reduced attention and concentration problems, chronic pain, digestive problems and neurological disorders.

The Organic Acid Test is a comprehensive assessment for a wide variety of biomarkers related to yeast (candida) and bacteria toxicity – specifically clostridia bacteria. It also evaluates oxalate toxicity, as well as mitochondria function (energy), and various markers for vitamin and neurotransmitter problems. The Organic Acid Test includes a section for amino acid metabolites which can detect inborn errors of metabolism. Overall, the Organic Acid Test is a foundational test that should be considered for anyone dealing with a chronic health problem.

 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider if you are taking any medication.

Note that this fee does not include a meeting to go over test results. That must be paid for separately!


Sample Reports


The OAT test report is organized into seven clinically useful categories including:

✓ Intestinal Microbial Overgrowth – Evaluates for invasive candida, clostridia bacteria toxins, potential mold exposure, and imbalance in the gut microflora

✓ Glycolytic and Mitochondrial Metabolites – Evaluates for mitochondrial dysfunction

✓ Neurotransmitter Metabolites – Evaluates for phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan metabolism linked to neurotransmitter status and quinolinic acid production

✓ Pyrimidines and Fatty Acids – Evaluates for folate metabolism, as well as fatty acid metabolism problems which can contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction

✓ Oxalates

✓ Nutritional Markers

✓ Amino Acids

✓ Body’s Capacity to Detoxify


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