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Hi!  I'm Lisa 


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” ~ Maya Angelou

In 2002, my daughter Clara was born unresponsive, with a genetic disorder and severe health issues, including a congenital heart defect which required immediate surgery. This was the beginning of a 16-month hospital stay and the fight for her life. Through her challenges and journey through hospitals, therapies, autism, schooling, and community involvement, I battled exhaustion, anxiety, fear, and loneliness to eventually find meaning in the daily struggle and purpose to live every day to its fullest.

With degrees and certifications in Psychology, Special Education, Holistic Nutrition, Dispute Resolution, and High Performance Coaching, I've realized the paramount roles both Nutrition and Mindset play in healthy living. My experience and passion have taken me deeper into the world of special needs and caregiver support; eating and digestion challenges; blenderized diets; writing; speaking; and coaching those who want to live vibrantly.

I believe that there is no challenge that doesn’t have a possible solution - when looking for answers for eating and for life.  Every day is full of possibility and promise.

My journey with my daughter has taken me…

  • through times of despair and lost hope to the challenges of raising a child with special needs;
  • through the struggles of managing a tracheostomy, a ventilator, and a g-­tube from home (in other words, the hospital came home with us);
  • through severe food sensitivities that led to me developing a custom-made blenderized diet for her before people even realized that real food for tubies (“tube food”) was possible;
  • through the world of medications, supplements, therapies, and lifestyle tweaks in order to cope and then thrive;
  • through the world of autism, siblings, and the complexities of circum-navigating the school system and community at large;
  • through my own battles with food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety, being overwhelmed, the pain of loneliness, and trying to cope with it all; and
  • through finally realizing that peace is not the prize waiting for you at the end of the journey but something to be discovered through the daily struggles!

 Even when life seems its darkest, it is possible to find meaning in the journey.  I walk with my clients along the path they are on and patiently help them, not only overcome eating and pooping difficulties, but also to rekindle the joy each day offers.

Through Clara’s challenges and our journey to today, I have found meaning in both the extraordinary and the mundane and have a purpose to live each day to its fullest.  Whatever challenge you are facing, chances are I’ve experienced something similiar and so it’s time to connect!  I will help you re-establish your peace of mind and find enjoyment in each day.


Professional Bio:

Lisa Joan Anderson is someone you want as part of your arsenal when someone is struggling to eat, digest, absorb, and poop!  Trained as both a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP, ROHP) and a Certified High Performance CoachTM (CHPC) under Brendon Burchard, Lisa brings to these qualifications her years of experience as a mom trying to get her kids to eat while dealing with diarrhea, constipation, reflux, and vomiting (a.k.a. “Digestive Distress”); feeding tubes; creating blenderized diets; and implementing autism therapies to help her eldest daughter gain her health and thrive.  Now Lisa directs her knowledge, experience, and energy into helping families overcome digestive issues and making mealtimes nutritious and enjoyable. She runs a successful nutritional consulting and coaching practice which focuses on everything gut related (because that’s where wellness starts!), including conquering constipation, stopping cyclic vomiting, and creating blenderized diets.  Recently Lisa has created a not-for-profit organization, Courage Culture Club, to help those differently abled find acceptance in their communities through projects that promote employment and community participation.

Lisa also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Certificates in Teaching English as a Second Language and Dispute Resolution and pursued graduate studies in Special Education at the University of Toronto along with twenty-four years of management experience within the Canadian Federal Government.  She is the co­-author of the e­book, The First 5 Steps for Addiction Recovery, and the author of Blenderized Diets, a Quick Start Guide and the soon-to-be-released It’s Time to Poop!  The Ultimate Constipation Relief Guide for Kids. When not helping her clients, she is an advocate for children and adults with special needs or disabilities and is a frequent public speaker and blogger. Lisa lives with her two daughters and dog near Toronto, Canada. 


"Lisa, keep doing what you do best: reaching out to mothers and families in distress. I love you!"

-Chinwe, Switzerland

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