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We are facing a Constipation Epidemic ... 


Textbooks define "constipation" as the inability to have less than 3 bowel movements a week.  But there is nothing comfortable about full bowels - and not pooping for more than a day is too long to allow waste and toxins to build up in the body.  

Constipation is the most common digestive complaint in North America, and affects 10 to 23% of children, infants to adolescents!  

There are no quick fixes for constipation, yet your children are being prescribed laxatives that were not created for them.  

I know you do not want to use products that could harm your children.  But it's likely that you've tried what seems like "everything" to help your child poop - and NOTHING seems to be working.  Now it's been days since the last poop and you don't know what to do!

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You're frustrated because nothing seems to be helping.  It's time to get to the bottom of the matter ...


Many parents get to this stage and don't know where to turn for help because many clinicians have failed to help their child.  Then in desperation parents try endless numbers of products hoping that something is actually going to help.  But nothing does ... and sometimes the constipation and withholding gets worse.

If you're ready to stop the guess work and to get things moving, then you've come to the right place! Let me reassure you that I'm here to help you or your child poop every single day painlessly using only natural and holistic methods. 

The Bottom Line

The only way to overcome constipation is to find the underlying cause and treat it in child-friendly ways. Unless you figure out what is causing the constipation and treat those causes, it's likely the constipation will continue or return. 

And given that the pain and discomfort due to constipation affects not only your child but the entire family, it's time to conquer constipation now.

The Constipation Relief Program (CRaP4Kids)TM has been designed to provide parents the amount of support they feel they need and can include: weekly one-to-one or group calls, real-time trouble-shooting issues, gut testing, kid-friendly diet and supplement recommendations, picky-eating solutions, emotional support and mindset coaching - tools and solutions that work. 

One Program MULTIPLE Options ...

Choose the Amount of Support that's Best for You

Back for Summer 2024: CRaP4Kids GROUP LIVE!

Want your child to be pooping painlessly before going back to school?  Want answers for why he or she is constipated?  Want to heal the gut and be done with constipation? Want LIVE step-by-step help, accountability, and community?  And how about THE. BEST. PRICE. EVER.??? 


CRaP4KidsTM Program BASIC

**Can Start Any Time!!**

6 months of self-directed ONLINE and GROUP support led by a clinical (holistic) nutritionist that will provide step-by-step instruction on everything you need to help your child overcome constipation without medication.

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CRaP4KidsTM Program PLUS

**Can Start Any Time!!**

For the parent who wants everything that the BASIC program offers but still would like some one-to-one support. 

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 **Can Start Any Time!!**

A 3- or 6-month one-to-one program that provides everything in the BASIC Program, more one-to-one support than the PLUS program, along with 24/7 message support to troubleshoot issues as they arise. 

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CRaP (n'Stuff) ClubTM

Changing up your children's health habits is hard when you are doing it alone - so we are here for you! This monthly membership that deals with more than just constipation relief, offers Q&A calls, generic protocols, recipes, webinars, guest speakers, and an opportunity to connect to other parents on the same journey.  To be eligible you must already have been a client.  

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It's Time To Poop!TM Book

Coming Soon!


A complete resource of what to do and what not to do to help you help your child poop every day.  These short term strategies help your child poop while you work with someone to find the underlying causes.  This includes a protocol to help you get started.

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Stuck-in-the-Muck 1-Hour Call


Overwhelmed and not sure what to do?  But not yet ready to invest in a full program although you need some help to "get out of the muck"?  This is a "pick-my- brain" one-hour zoom call. This appointment also can be chosen to review gut test results already in your possession.

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If your child under 16 months check out the new CRaP4Babies program HERE



Meet Your Poop Whisperer!


I know first hand what it's like when your child doesn't poop (or poops too much) and the effect this has on the entire family.  My eldest daughter was born unresponsive with severe health issues.  For her first 4 years of life she also suffered from horrible digestive distress (vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, reflux, gas, excess mucus ... you get the picture!) and I searched for answers. 

Those answers were found in good nutrition, supplements, and other holistic therapies.  Since then, my daughter & other family members have not battled digestive distress issues again and rarely, if ever, get sick.

As a clinical (holistic) nutritionist and certified high performance coach, I have studied everything related to constipation relief and gut health in children and have worked with hundreds of parents around the world to conquer constipation and help their children thrive.

All The Strategies and Resources Needed To Help Your Child Poop and Create a Healthy Digestive Tract!


Don't just take my word for it ...

Carmen, Halifax

With your help, T. has been doing so much better! He’s been dressing every morning without issues and has not been worried about choking. His appetite is better and he talks about wanting to eat healthy. He has small flares here … but no matter how bad it seems when it happens, he snaps out of it so much faster!  He had a few playdates and even a sleepover  … He is one smart kid and regularly talks about his illness.

Karen, England

I just wanted to message to say a massive thank you. Both N. and I feel such a relief at being heard and helped by yourself. We are very grateful and are feeling so hopeful and positive right now it’s rather lovely. Thank you.

Gina, California

He is doing great since this diet change!  After the first week he had that 2 day struggle but it was mild compared to previous experiences. He has more energy and wanting to play more.  I know his tummy feels good because all he wants to do is practice eating. Anytime we’re out he say, “I wanna go home and eat!

Arielle, Wisconsin

Thank you so much for all your guidance and support.  Our girl wouldn’t be where she is without your help!  She's even started pooping every day on the potty!  I never thought that would be possible!

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Frequently Asked Questions ...

Jessica, Florida

I wanted to share with you that your program is amazing and you are certainly the poop whisperer!!!!! L. is pooping almost daily now, is no longer withholding, no longer afraid and even able to poop stools that are not as loose now. Both my husband and I have learned so much already including how to talk/respond to him. We admit we were stressed and were probably stressing him out more. Needless to say we are continuing and are grateful and hope others have hope too if not great results already.

And so if you’re in need of a partner on the journey to help you get to the root of things and put a plan in place...


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