Relieve your Kid's Constipation Now! 

The first step is helping your child to poop every day without a struggle.  This e-book provides short term holistic strategies that are easy-to-follow and work quickly and safely.  

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Here's Why You Want This ...

1 Safe Relief

Learn holistic and safe methods to help your child get fast relief from constipation without the use of medication.

2 Easy-to-Follow

Follow our step-by-step protocol to help your child poop painlessly every day.


3 Tailored to Kids

This program is specifically designed for parents of kids (infants to age 18) to help them poop daily while trying to find the underlying cause.

Take control of your child's constipation now and get relief quickly and safely with our book, It’s Time to Poop! The ULTIMATE Constipation Relief Guide for Kids.
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